Located at the southern end of the Organ Mountains, Bishop’s Cap & Pyramid Peak offer a wonderful day outing! With the rock scrambling and increased exposure risk to reach the top of Bishop’s Cap, this hike is for those with experience. Experienced hikers and those in good fitness will find this hike to be easy-to-moderate. Although elevated risks due to terrain, weather and wildlife do elevate it to be moderate-to-strenuous. This is a Class 3 hike best done during the winter months and hikers should be prepared with the appropriate hiking essentials. In addition, always hike with others and let others outside your group know where you are hiking and when you should be returning.

Access to Bishop’s Cap is along the western side of the peak, following a power-line access road. While there are no define trails to the top, and thus multiple approaches, locating Bishop’s Cap cave is a visual indicator as to a good starting point. In fact, there is a turnoff from the power-line access road that heads east and dead-ends at about a 1/4 mile. The distance to cave from this “trailhead” is about 1/5 mile. Following the cave, you continue the ascent to the top of Bishop’s Cap. From there, you can head north to Pyramid Peak. While you could return to the trailhead in an out-and-back manner, to mitigate any risk climbing down the rocks from Bishop’s Cap, you can descend Pyramid Peak and loop around Bishop’s Cap. Total distance for the loop was approximately 3 miles.

Amazing views in all directions! Enjoy the photos and if you have any questions, certainly feel free to contact me!