Achenbach Canyon is quite honestly a hidden gem of a hike in Las Cruces. I’ve now hiked it twice, doing the “loop version” both times. What awaits you in the canyon is pure bliss! I caught myself questioning whether I was really hiking in Las Cruces, with “lush” green scenery and some fantastic rock formations. I will be posting soon about the hiking route that connects with Soledad Canyon. Details about the “loop” below.

The trailhead (map is in photo gallery below) for this hike is off of Ladera Canyon Road and you start off by heading east on the trailhead. At about 1.25 mi, you come to split, for which we went the NE direction. This begins the the N-S loop, as I call it. While there are cairns along the trail, it is easy to hike off the trail so pay attention. At about 2-2.5 miles, parts of the trail have heavy vegetation and it’s easy to miss the NW turn to remain on the trail.  As with any hike, please take a map or utilize a GPS so you don’t get lost.  As an avid hiker, I would consider this hike as relatively easy, with total elevation gain about 700 feet and start-to-finish distance being around 4 miles. As always, let people know where you are going, hydrate and have fun! Enjoy the photos and feel free to contact me with any questions!